Mule Normandie – 17 June 16 – Travel to Saint Lo

And we’re off!

Many thanks to the Lieutenant Governor – who we are delighted has recently confirmed his patronage of OF&D – for hosting the start of the ride and welcoming our sponsors and family and friends of the Mules.

Travel day today so no cycling which was a severe hazard risk given the two hours on the ferry and 1.5 hours on the bus before we got to dinner.  To cut a long story short, inevitably this resulted in triumphant march from the Black Bird pub back to the hotel at 1.30am.

Luckily Colin had been rescued from the toilet he was sleeping in by then, and Steve had enough time to finish his third half before wobbling back to his room. Amanda led the way for the girls with a spectacular effort and capped this off by face timing her husband at 2am…I’m predicting a sluggish morning. Passe a linge (pegs).





H.E. Sir Ian Corder kindly presented the sponsors with gifts on behalf of OF&D as a thank you for their support.

Paul Wright from IEG


Jason Brouard from Stan Brouard


Colin Smith from Raven Russia


Nick Robison from Babbe


And Stuart Phillips from BDO


And then we were off!





With our now traditional parade down St Julian’s Avenue and round the roundabout a few times!