The bit where we give stuff away

We are very proud to have raised over £191,000 since we started OF&D in 2010….all we wanted to do was go on a bike ride and meet some new people!

Our work was initially with three main partner charities: Le Rondin School, Guernsey Sports Association for the Disabled and St Martins Day Care Centre, now Active.  As the charity has grown we have continued to work with these charities but have also been able to extend our support to a number of charities that work with children, young people and adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

One thing we can’t quite get away from though is rugby and we are delighted to be able to work with and support the Rugby in Schools programme.

Le Rondin School


Afternoon of Christmas

The Afternoon of Christmas is a free to attend concert at St James the weekend before Christmas.  The purpose of the concert was to further support the charities we support as well as to give something back to the wider community for their support of OF&D.  The audience is invited from our charities, Age Concern and the local residential homes alongside the general public.

Held since 2016, it is a lovely afternoon that can’t fail to get you in the festive spirit and is also the only opportunity you have in the year to experience the OF&D Singers…!

£7,000 allocated from Mule Loire 2018 will fund the concerts in 2018 and 2019.

Rugby in Schools

Click here to find out more about the Rugby in Schools programme.

Le Murier




Autism Guernsey


Guernsey Disabled Sports Association


Smaller donations to the following:


OF&D has also made donations off-island to the following charities

  • Dallaglio Foundation – which is where all this madness started. Very proud to have raised a total of £20,014 for the Foundation during the 2010 and 2012 Dallaglio Cycle Slams
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Matt Hampson Trust
  • Royal Temple Yacht Club Sailing Academy


To view a breakdown of all the donations made by OF&D since we founded the charity in 2010 please click here.


A huge thank you to all our Mules, everyone who has attended one of our events, been hassled to buy raffle tickets at the rugby club or made a donation.