18 June – Saint Lo to Omaha Beach

Day 2. Sluggish start.  Where’s Rick and Kirk? Coincidence?

Happy Birthday Stuart P.

9am kick off and first Garmin fail at 9.02.  Tough hill straight out from hotel seemed to sweat some of the beer out judging by the ethanol vapour trail we left behind.  Dave tried to avoid the hill and took the route back to the Black Bird.  During a break Amanda called her husband to tell him all about the day before, which he already knew about as she’d Face Timed him at 2am….

And so to the Normandy beaches with stop offs at the Pointe de Hoc Ranger Station, American Cemetery and Gold beach amongst others.  So much to try and take in.  Number of the riders have family connections so poignant for many.

Very nice hotel – although we did manage to get the bar closed…and then re-opened…- a few people braved the pool before outdoor sports therapy.  Broke one record in that Colin hadn’t found a toilet to fall asleep in before 10.30!


Some were a bit bleary this morning…



But after a lot of faffage…




…everyone was out on the road!


American War Cemetery


Ray decided the best way to wash his kit was to have a swim!


Jim’s speedy boys arrive at the hotel


Outdoor physio session