19 June – Omaha Beach – Flers

An eventful day…..  an early am trip to A&E for Ian H – he’s fine and big thank you to Steve and Shelley for taking him there – three sick riders vanned and a brutal course with more hills than you can shake a stick at.  The crew had a very busy day!

The day started off with a visit to the Bayeux Commonwealth Cemetery where almost 4,500 of the fallen from the Normandy landings are laid to rest.  Steve Melbourne led the ceremony to lay a wreath at the memorial and each rider placed a small wooden cross in the cemetery.   Very emotional in such peaceful surroundings.

We then cultured out at the Bayeaux tapestry (needle point we’re assured by Shelley) before tackling the first of many hills, thanks Natalie….

A bug is starting to spread through the group and three went down today to the extent they had to be taken back to the hotel and a few dropped down from the 80 to 50 mile group.  Will be stocking up on immodium and dioralyte in the morning!

Found out Duncan has runners knee which is impressive as he hasn’t run for years!

Mich and Keeley rode the furtherest they’d ever riden – 54 miles, well done girls!

There was a very long queue for Chesi and Steve in the hotel reception, although believe me this is no spa massage, alongside Stuart’s yoga /stretching sessions – don’t think the hotel has seen anything quite like it!

In case you were wondering Amanda Face Timed home to speak to her children at 1am….


Whose bright idea was it to start on a hill??


Visit to the Bayeux Commonweath Cemetery where we laid a wreath on behalf of OF&D




Mike arranged for all the riders to have a small cross of remembrance that they could lay where they chose around the cemetery


Then on to the Bayeux Tapestry for a bit of culture



We’re decided it was bike art!


Out onto the road:





Bayeux Cathedral


The Dream Team at lunch


John’s not well so he has an excuse for the blankets!


The Smart bike repair service back in business


Jim’s speedy boys arrive back at the hotel for a very well earnt beer


We took over the hotel reception for yoga and sports massages!