20 June – Flers to Mont St Michel

So so impressed with our Mules today and how they coped with the foul weather – rained all day, chucking it down at points and they were riding into a headwind for a good part of the day – so riders were soaking all day and very cold whenever they stopped but they were fantastic and all got through in such good spirits.

If we thought day two was eventful, day three was a step up.  The space blankets and fleece blankets were absolutely essential – we discovered a very fetching layered look for everyone!  A full minibus of sick people, with various ailments, with a swap at lunchtime when Amanda took the interesting decision to go out in the rain which was handy as we needed the space for Keeley!

The Mules spirit was bourne out when we got to the hotel.  The first groups of riders got to the hotel before the bag van – lunch stop took a lot longer than normal – and riders, still in the wet kit, were helping take bags up to rooms where riders were stranded as they had no clothes!

Managed to temporarily lose a rider….Dave decided to do the 50 mile route in the morning and the 80 mile route in the afternoon and with a couple of unplanned diversions racked up 100 miles!  Had a couple of concerned hours but thankfully he turned up cold and wet but safe and well.  Be assured the fine was appropriate to the crime…!

Shame about the weather as well in that you could barely see Mont St Michel when we arrived so wasn’t quite as we’d envisaged it when we did the recce in glorious weather.  Good meal at a restaurant inside the walls though although Stan was lucky to get there as managed to get on the bus going the wrong way…

Sorry not many pictures today, will do better tomorrow!









May be raining but we’re still happy!


Dave safely back at the hotel as Steve and Natalie arrived back from search party duties.  Joe had already decided it was better to hug him than hit it, Steve has no more words and Natalie looks like she might stab someone with her phone…the wine she and Steve then drank helped considerably!