And so the training starts!

Well here we go again.  It’s new year and time to start training for the Mule Loire in June 18.


To kick things off we’ve taken advantage of the offer to use the Spin Studio at King’s and are into a 10 week programme with our fantastic instructor Serena who is even more evil than Jim.  As part of our programme we’ve all had body composition readings – and mine are as shocking as I dreaded they would be.  To make sure we do get stuck in, some of my fellow Mules will be joining me in sharing these results as motivation for ourselves and so you can see how we’re doing by the end of the 10 weeks.


We are also doing our Sunday rides on the road which start at The Farmhouse at 7am or Vistas at 8am and end at The Farmhouse at 10am for a well earned coffee – especially as this is Jim’s chance to get revenge.  Please do join in the rides and support our Mules, or give us a wave as we go by.