Beefy’s Forget-me-not Walk, Winchester

The Guernsey boys arrive in Stcokbridge via Southampton without any major travel trauma for a change.  Stockbridge is the end of the days walk from Winchester and the walkers are bused to the start from there.

We found breakfast in town which was welcome on a cold morning.  Mike remembered he had left his jumper at home so stopped off in the hunting and fishing shop to swap several twenty pound notes for a top, which made Ray chuckle when he got to the car and put it in the bag next to the top he had brought with him…

Mike found the young lady setting up the the promo stuff at the start and was seen to lend a hand – but no chance of pretending to cross the line without doing the walk!!

We met Mike Richardson the octaganarian(ish) Chairman of Compton and Chandlers Ford CC who took one look at Mike and said “you look like you’ll be going slow – can I walk with you” whilst Ray chuckled on. Mike got revenge with some abuse to the Chairman who has to pull weeds out of his pitch before the game can start.

Anyway – on to the walk which went past Mottisford Abbey and a chance to meet some of the remarkable people who have been walking with Beef over the last 25 years, including the small boy Beef hoisted on his shoulders and walked into the sea to mark the end of the first walk from John O’Groats to Lands End – not sure he’s going to do the same today without a visit to the chiropractor!

There was a great atmosphere along the way and at the end where we had a chance to chat to Beef and his team including David Gower Esq. and Gazza and Rooster (the physio who kept Mike in one piece) from the Cycle Slam.

Donated £500.00