The Chuckle Brothers in Henley

The Guernsey boys met up with some of the Chuckle Brothers for a few beers and a bike ride around Henley.

Sealey, Stocky, Phil and Peter “the Swag Man” were great company over dinner and in the hotel bar afterwards where we established hand claps were not for civilians!!!  Bondy got stung in the hotel for £60 for a round of drinks – becoming a very regular theme.  Despite that we can definitely recommend the Danesfield House hotel in Marlow – only the best for the Chuckle Brothers, well done Phil.

Our lack of drama on the way out was paid back with interest and VAT when the volcano put paid to our planned flight home and lead to an abandoned dash to Weymouth to catch a ferry that day, which meant that Ray missed the bike ride (he managed to hide his disappointment well).  Instead we ended up with a big night out in Weymouth after coming 3rd in the local pub quiz (and yes there were more than three teams in it)!

Mike’s wake up call the next day was the water running from the light fitting hitting him in the face. No recommendation from OF&D for this place….