Cycle Slam 2010: Day 8 – Lanark to Edinburgh

The final day and we can’t believe it’s nearly over or that we’ve survived the cycling.

As expected it’s back up that hill, before starting the 40km climb up towards Edinburgh and enjoying the 15km roll down hill into the city. No messing around as we have to be at Murrayfield by 1pm, so another beasting for the Guernsey boys. Hitting the top of the final hill and taking in the view of Edinburgh and surrounding snow topped hills was a fantastic moment. The euphoria of finishing was fantastic, with Bondy the last man in.

More pictures and milling around at the ground before the now traditional food and beer frenzy at Pizza Express, which included being piped into the restaurant. Couldn’t resist kidnapping the lady piper, but maybe a mistake as Ray went deaf as he sat next to her on the coach.  Night rounded off at a hotel with more espresso martinis and was that Ray sharing a cup of tea with Mrs Dallaglio at 2am in the hotel foyer – hope the main man’s not reading.

Great day, great night and great trip.


Mike in his yellow jersey

Mike yellow Jersey

Ray and the Chuckle Gang

Ray with the Chuckle Gant

Celebration drink….but of course!

Day 8 web

Ray’s lady piper…!

Rays lady piper