Cycle Slam 2010: Day 5 – Rest day and a spot of curling

Well earned rest day with the travel to Stranraer. Managed to ration the chuckle juice on the ferry and arrived at the hotel refreshed. The hotel turns out to host one of the best curling rinks in Scotland – and it was too tempting not to have a go. Following advice from an 85 year old lady on the ice, Mike’s team scraped a 3-0 win before retiring back to the bar for lunch. Clearly, this is Mike’s new favourite sport.

Some of the other guys ventured out to the local curry house for a few beers and a spot of food poisoning.  When cycling each bike is less than 1m from the one in front, so these guys are definitely ones to avoid tomorrow.

At dinner Mike received the inevitable “John Travolta” fine for his night club antics.  Nice hat trick Bondy! After dinner Mike went back on the ice (risking another fine) and managed to go arse over and bang his head. Curling back down to 101 on his favs.


Cycle slam 2010 - day 5

Cycle slam 2010 - day 5 kenny logan