Cycle Slam 2010: Day 4 – Dundaulk to Belfast

Shocker at dinner last night where it was announced that instead of riding 87km today (the Google distance on the motorway between Dundaulk and Belfast) we were told we had to do the 133km round the coast road. Big fine for the Balloon Boy (the guy who marks the route with balloons on signposts). Off to bed straight after dinner in preparation, but not before Bondy had picked up his second fine, the “Demolition Derby” award for the wing mirror incident.

The day started with a cheeky little climb up 200m over 4km. Bondy managed to commandeer a Range Rover for this bit for him and his entourage after claiming a cruciate injury. There was no sympathy for him when he complained he was cold on the ride down the other side as he hadn’t warmed up.

The ride to lunch at 96km was a little too far as we ran out of carbs, sugar and Guinness by about 85km. Not to worry though only 37km to go – unfortunately it included another 200m grind over 27km. Bondy waved to Ray in the Chuckle Brothers road train from the Range Rover as he passed by. We finally rolled into Belfast with the now traditional Chuckle Sprint over the last 100m. This caused complete havoc and a heart attack for the old buffer in the maestro as the finish line was on the far side of a junction!

Only one way to follow a 133.9km ride – a feeding frenzy, a skip of beer, cocktails and a club til 4.30am.  Bondy may be picking up fine three after being busted throwing some world class shapes on the dance floor at midnight.  Range Rover privileges are likely to be revoked.

Fingers crossed for Bondy tomorrow as his riding partner, Pierre, picked up his third “sex pest” fine of the week. His excuse is he is French.

Foxy, Mike and Shelley

Cycle slam 2010 - day 4 mike

Feeding time…with a few beers of course!

Cycle slam 2010 - day 4 feeding time