Cycle Slam 2010: Day 6 – Stranraer to Dumfries

107km into Dumfries from Stranraer. Bondy was keen for an early start, but Pierre was faffing as usual so only got out a couple of minutes ahead of schedule.  If Mike had (bigger) tits Pierre would have been there at 6am.

Ray was with the ever expanding Chuckle Brothers today, who were joined by Les Ferdinand, Lee Dixon, Kenny Logan and two new Chuckle Sisters. Having women in the team seemed to send some of the Chuckle Brothers into a spin as men were lost for the first time this week. Step in the celebs to whisk them away after lunch – bad choice for the Sisters though as the guys abandoned them 20km out from lunch. Chuckles to the rescue and normal service resumed.

The whole day was ridden in glorious sunshine so it was out on the terrace at the hotel for six pints of Chuckle juice to celebrate Ray’s second successive top three finish in the Chuckle sprint and Bondy’s first 100km+ ride.

Chuckle Ollie says go to bed after cycling – wimp – push on through Guernsey boys.

Mike and the Frenchman

Cycle Slam day 6 - Mike and the Frenchman

Ray coming round the mountain

Cycle Slam day 6