Cycle Slam 2012: April update (a crash, an ambulance and a new bike)

Another day another training ride and all four guys are on top form on the coast road. Mike decides to do a bit more on the coast road while the others go ahead for more hills in Eamonn’s plan. Mike is then surprised to pass the others five minutes later after Ian has bounced off the wall on a corner just after Vazon.  The tortoise carried on leaving the hare in his considerable wake.

Ian recovers and decides that his three falls are now out of the way and is good to go.  Nothing can go wrong now….

Ray shows off by going off to Mauritius for work – and fitting in a fair bit of warm weather training.  Ian decides something special is required to top that so manages to get smashed side on by a car while turning right and landing 10m away in the road. Thanks to the lady and gentleman who stopped to help Ian and up yours to the drivers of the two cars that had to pull out to drive around him. Eamonn was grateful for the rest in the ambulance and Ian Brown’s till is singing again as a new bike is ordered.  Fortunately Ian is still fit to go but very upset he only made page eight of the press with his attention seeking stunt.  Nothing can go….I give up.

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