Cycle Slam 2012: And so it starts

The boys set out from Guernsey on Sunday 13th May for an overnight stopover due to an early flight from Heathrow on Monday. A pleasant evening in a country pub is followed by a leisurely breakfast in the airport.  An uneventful flight and some pleasant chit chat on the bus from Luxembourg to Nancy followed by getting to know our fellow Slammers over a few beers and a meal at the team hotel.

Tomorrow’s ride is 106 miles but the route seems fairly straight forward and weather is forecast to be ok baring a few showers. The boys are all tucked up in bed by 11pm in preparation for the 6am breakfast call.

The boys with fellow Channel Islander Graeme Le Saux who turns out to be one of the best cyclist on the tour!! Not bad for a Crapo

Cycle slam 1