Cycle Slam 2012: training in Mallorca anyone?

Ray and Ian are taking it very seriously with a training trip to Mallorca.

First morning of training they are accosted by the fashion police, stripped of their chosen cycling jerseys, and their dignity, given a change then ordered to empty their wallets at the cycling shop at the end of the day.

Ian soon learns that Andrew Croker, Cycle Slam Chairman, likes nothing better than losing as many riders from his group as possible and his first two days turn into a holiday for one in the Mallorca countryside.  Ray contracts a chest infection and decides to keep Ian company on his solo tour.

After getting to the top of a 500m climb the guys are informed by the pro-cyclist that he had checked his garmin and the climb had been uphill all the way. Huge amount of abuse for the prima-dona pro, who was prone to hissy fits but seemed surprised when the rugby fraternity on tour told him to take some sugar and FO back to bed as someone was tired.

At dinner that night a George announced that “tomorrow I shall be taking Cynthia up the Pre de Mayor” followed by 21 Finbar Saunders impressions.  George didn’t get it but I’m sure Cynthia did (Fnar Fnar).

Good for the boys to meet some fellow slammers and overall they didn’t embarass themselves too much in the cycling until Ian fell off his bike at a junction in front of the Slam tour and the German national team riding the opposite way – he does like an audience. That’s three falls so glad to get them out of the way. Nothing can go wrong now….