Mule Bretagne Day 3 – Pontivy to Rennes

Tough day on the bikes but everyone got stuck in.  Our 55 milers had a longer day today – 68 miles, OK so they were mis-sold a little on the mileage… – but were brilliant and all made it in.  Some actually did more like 70 following a little detour up a hill.  All still in good spirits…including in the bar!

Little else to report except  …


During the court session Mr Rigden accused Mr Hackeson of falsifying his account of caterpillargate.  Mr Rigden wishes to appeal against the court’s decision to uphold Mr Hackeson’s account and it is now to you the supreme court to decide. They now present their cases to you.

The Caterpillar

At approximately 15:25, I, Colin the caterpillar was out for a walk when, unexpectedly three large gentlemen perched perilously on bicycles raced past me at 35km/h. The lead rider spotted me easily as my green colour contrasted with the grey tarmac and manoeuvred around me, but the second rider, the larger of the 3, had to swerve violently to avoid me and nearly collided with a car. Somewhat shaken, I crawled back into the sanctuary of the green undergrowth.

The Accuser

The key questions that need to be addressed are:

1) what colour was the said caterpillar? Green I believe
2) what speed were the cyclists traveling at, approximately 35km per hour
3) what colour was the foliage at the side of the road.  Green I believe.

As such I find it inconceivable that Mr Hackeson could have possibly seen the caterpillar lurch into the road to impede his progress.

The Verdict

Please do let us have your decision in the comments or on FB. This is a very serious issue and the loser of the case faces a fate worse than calvados.

Shedful pretending to be one of the big boys!

077 (2)
So where was that lunch stop….?

083 (2)

And we’re off!!

089 (2)

091 (2)

111 (2)

The Dream Team!

100 (2)

At the top of a big hill!


Geoff gets lost again….


Spot of lunch




Bar Le Siam….can’t believe it was shut!


Stretching with Stuart #2