Mule Bretagne Day 4 – Pontivy to Guingamp

Tough day of riding for everyone today. The 50-milers had a 13% climb (I now have a bidding war going on as to the incline – any advance on 15%?) to help build a bit of character and the 80-milers had a 4-mile climb to start the day.  Maybe the worst was the fast 80-milers who were passed by the real 80-milers who then hid behind a pile of logs as the others chased. Jim beasted his group for the next 10 miles trying to catch up – nice one Stan.

Disaster in the bar as they ran out of beer before dinner – probably just as well after the ride today and another full day tomorrow.

Megan and Malcolm…Megan has been part of the crew up to today but has had to go back to work.  We’ll look after you Malcolm!

2014-06-16 08.19.35

The crew!

2014-06-16 08.32.13

Top of the 13%+ climb for the 55-milers.  The Dream Team has been joined by Tommo, just in time for all the climbs!

2014-06-16 10.16.27

2014-06-16 11.05.38

Jim doing some running repairs

2014-06-16 12.21.45

The train at full speed!

2014-06-16 13.29.52 2014-06-16 14.47.05

We made it!

2014-06-16 15.46.33