Mule Normandie Riders raise £37,000!!


Our wonderful Mules have raised over £37,000 from the Mule Normandie in June.  Just fantastic!  That raises the total we’ve raised since started all this madness in 2010 to over £140,000!

The majority of this money will be used to continue our support of the three main charities we’ve supported since the start:

£10,000 to Le Rondin School. £8,000 will fund the refurbishment of their sensory room including the installation of a new sound board, replacement of light boxes and the renovation of the hydro-pool.  £2,000 will be allocated to maintain and replace bicycles, cycle helmets, playground equipment and toys.

£8,000 to continue to fund the travel costs for the Guernsey Disabled Sports Association to attend the Bath and West Games for 2017 and 2018 and supply team vests, t-shirts and hoodies.

£8,000 to continue to fund the ongoing monthly maintenance and any necessary repairs to the hydro-pool at Active (formerly St Martins Day Care Centre) to 2019.  We funded the restoration of the pool back to working order in 2014 with funds raised from Mule Bretagne.

The remainder of the funds will be allocated as follows:

£1,000 Channel Islands Air Search

£900 Le Murier School

£2,000 Headway for their gym buddy scheme

£1,500 Monday Club and Special Needs Gymnastics

£1,000 Schools Rugby (girls and boys team)

£3,000 to hold a Christmas Carol concert in December 2016 for all the charities we work with and members of the community who may not have the opportunity to attend such events.

A huge thank you to all our Mules, our fabulous support crew and our ride sponsors:

Yellow Jersey: IEG, Raven Russia and Stan Brouard Garden and Leisure Centre

King of the Mountains: Babbe and BDO