Mules train in Jersey

Our Intrepid Mules set off for a training ride in Jersey on a beautiful day. Enjoying the change of scenery the Mules riding went to plan with everyone getting lost – Ian’s comment ” it was like herding cats” – but the shirts proved a hit with the locals as they were only to happy to tell those lost that they had seen others going this way and that way. Lunch stop was at St Mary Country Hotel with the Mules enjoying a brilliant lunch and a few bevies. The afternoon ride saw the Mules flowing along the sea front towards St Helier for a pit stop at the Royal Yacht.

The first court session took place on the Condor on the journey home. Toffee vodka proved to be more enjoyable than expected for Linda!  Highlight of the fines Duncan for trying to take a nap during the ride in a hedge and Ian for becoming a wedding planner at a church en-route!!

Swan Pub for the finale. Then home.

Jersey - team shot - low

Jersey on boat

Jersey boat

Jersey - Pimms - low

Jersey - low