Side by side bike donated to Autism Hub

We are very proud to announce the donation of a brand new side by side by bike to the eight residents of the Autism Hub, a community for individuals living with autism.

The side by side by bike is a specially designed tandem bike that allows two people to ride side by side, making it ideal for those with physical disabilities or learning difficulties who may need assistance or support while cycling. The bike is the first of its kind in Guernsey and will provide the residents of the Autism Hub with a unique opportunity to experience cycling.

‘We are delighted to donate this side by side by bike to the residents of the Autism Hub,’ said Ray Smart, co-founder of Only Fools and Donkeys. “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cycling as well as experience the freedom and joy it brings.  We are excited to see how the residents take to the bike and enjoy the experiences.’

‘The bike has been funded through the efforts of our wonderful Mules and the Mule Aquitaine charity bike ride we staged last summer in France,’ said Mike Marshall, co-founder of Only Fools and Donkeys. ‘We like to support one or two large scale projects from each of our rides, and the combination of cycling and the challenges the residents of the Autism Hub face made this an obvious choice for us.’

‘We are so grateful to OF&D for their support as well as to Ian Brown who has helped us source and spec the bike.’ said a representative from the Hub’s team.  ‘Due to the range of challenges the residents live with, none of them have had the opportunity to cycle before.  The bike will give them so many new opportunities to exercise, socialise and explore the outdoors.’